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Track Name: Passerby
What was it that you once said to me
Just leave it on the writing wall
Get ready it's all about to leave
You'll see it on the writing wall
I got myself up on the ridge
So I could say "Don't go over"
I think it's time I tried to live
Without you as a cover
Are you brave like you were
Brave like you were before
Are you brave like you never once
Took that fall

Snows coming and you've got nothing on your feet
You're dressed for the desert rain
You keep thinking you've got nothing left to lose
But the
Big hands got a plan for you
I know I'm a passerby
They keep telling me to get back inside
But you don't need me like you think
Just dream the dream of what could have been
Oh are you brave, like you were
I was brave, oh once, but then I took a fall

What is that you once said to me
"When the others leave, I'll be at your side"
But I see you're just a passerby
You wanna look and you wanna try
But you did it wrong

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